Thursday, May 18, 2006



Most of you know me as ODD, the former OnLine Dating Girl. As many of you know I have moved to Chicago with my boyfriend Jacob, settled in a new apartment and started a fancy new job. My old blog started about a year ago when I was testing the dating waters after a bad relationship. Lo and behold, when I least expected it, Jacob fell in my lap and changed my life. In a very good way. So, as I am no longer that girl it's time to shed the name and start anew.

With it will come a few changes. Namely, Jacob will be reading and commenting on this blog. (waving hello) And you know, I won't be writing about creepy old men who slap my ass and/or crushes on dentists. I will still however still share the odd shit that happens to me and of course, my never ending love of Pop Tarts.

So, that being said, let this chapter begin.


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